Skyworld: Apocrypha



What a way to start a great epic story. I still can’t get over how good it felt to me, as a reader, the way the storytelling and the art seemed to compliment each other. Whenever “Makabo” narrates, it was like poetry being vividly described by the panels. I hope that you guys can hear me clap right now because Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta. Maria deserves it.


Quick fact here . . .I almost believed it! (The part about the Skywold and how it was almost forgotten before the Spaniards came to our shore) Going back to the story now. 😛 The world building was loosely based on some Filipino folklore mainly the characters like the tikbalang and aswang. It was like a two-door closet style of telling a tale. When you open it, inside you can find the back story. Read it and you’ll get what I mean. 😀 The characters? Makabo; a kick-ass tikbalang, Rianka; diabolical and deceitful aswang, and Kaptan; a winged-god would take you to a place like no other, Skyworld.


It’s really a challenge to be an artist of a Pinoy graphic novel. You have to be creative enough to express the story with what you got. Publishers are still wary to go all out (hardcover, glossy paper and colored). With that said, although it would have been nice to see Skyworld in full color, it didn’t hinder the artist to show how great a story Skyworld is. My fave part is when Rianka deceived Kaptan. They just let the panels tell you the story.


Again, BANGIS! That sums it up.If you see a copy of this comics, you better grab it. I waited for Komikon just to have one. A perfect mix of Filipino folklore, lyrical storytelling and panel by panel action packed sequential art to satisfy your craving for Pinoy komiks.

Trese Book 4: Last Seen After Midnight

The long wait was over, TRESE 4: Last Seen After Midnight was launched October 08, 2011 at Bestsellers Robinson’s Galleria. I just got to say that THE WAIT WAS SO WORTH IT. I was sick but flu and headache wont stop me from grabbing a copy of my latest TRESE fix :P. Luck even gave me a poster of Trese (Bianca King poses as Alexandra Trese) because I so deserve it. Hahaha. Congrats to Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo for paving the way and being brave to follow their dreams even though the obstacle seemed to be insurmountable. Trese is now getting the attention it rightfully deserves. 🙂

Budjette and Kajo signing the poster that I've won during the raffle. SWEET!

 The book is divided into four cases. Each case is great on its own way, in art and story. Alexandra Trese shines brighter in all of the pages, nobody could ever surpass how badass this girl is. The entire story was well executed and the art was just amazing. Trese being black and white didn’t even hold it down but instead makes it more effective. My hands are itching to type spoilers just to tell how great this pinoy graphic novel is, but I wanted the readers to experience it same way I did. Just one thing though, “WANTED BED SPACER”, BEST CASE EVER! Well, on second thought I hope more great cases come along for Alexandra Trese. hehehe

I’m not that good with words but I hope all my blabbering here is enough for those who are not that into reading komiks to grab a copy. Graphic-fiction format way of storytelling might surprise you and you might even end up enjoying it. The story and the art are fantastic and I would really be saddened that someone didn’t read it because he/she is not into komiks. It’s your loss. 😛  

FHL: The New Breed of Pinoy Super Heroes

Move over Captain Barbel, Lastikman and Darna, Pinoy Graphic Novels got a new group of heroes Filipino comic readers would surely love. I am not saying that this new one would surpass what those pinoy comic heroes (well some of them I just knew because of the movies and/or pantaserye made base on their original comic series) accomplished so far, but they just might. A group of “super” connected to the government to eradicate crimes and save lives. But unlike the characters of DC and Marvel young kids are familiar with nowadays, this group got some pinoy twist in them. Think about it, a mutant story in a Filipino setting. Heads up to Paolo Fabregas, what a promising start. A lot of loose ends and a cliffhanger ending to book one that would make you wish that the next would not be too far from its release. To sidetrack me from spoiling you, I’ll just introduce the members of Filipino Heroes League:


Flashlight – The current leader of FHL. He’s doing this gig for the chicks ;). A bit of a badass if you ask me, but he is a true leader at heart.

Power: He could create/shoot/blast a ball of fire using his hands.



Invisiboy – Big boned (not fat). Described by his brother (slick, will tell more about him later) as a law-abiding-rule-loving-boy-scout-altar-boy. He’s like the goody two-shoes of the gang.

 Power: Invisibility.



Kidlat Kid – When he’s not doing heroic things, this guy is the fastest pedicab driver alive. A sort-of kanto boy who wears a tsinelas while fighting crimes.

 Power: A speedster.



Maria Constantino – No code name yet. She is the granddaughter of “The Teacher”. A Charmaine Riviera look-alike. You’ll know who Charmaine is if you would read FHL, rightVis? 😀

 Power: Telepathy



Slick – The brother of invisiboy. He joins the FHL to help his brother and for a reason only Maria knows. A small time crook who takes advantage of others by using his powers for personal gains. Too shady for FHL but I think it is too early to judge him.

 Power: He can make any surface slippery.



The Maker – A small boy with a big attitude. He knows way too much profanity for a boy. A bit too young to join the FHL but they really need all the help they can get.

 Power: Can invent anything out of trash.


This is a very promising PGN (pinoy graphic novel). A round of applause for Visprint for being brave enough to publish artists/writers like Paolo Fabregas, Manix Abrera and Budjette Tan. They open up a arena that others thought was already closed. A success to those people like me who believe that we could revive the comic industry in thePhilippines.

To view some of the pages of the PGN, click HERE!


First, I wanna thank Mina for recommending TRESE to me. *Big Hug*

What can I say? It’s breath of fresh air for me. I guess it’s because most of the urban fantasy that I’ve been reading was about vampire, werewolves , fairies and wizards, TRESE talks about “our” story. It was like Buffy meets Harry Dresden with a dash of Filipino folklore. Alexandra kicks ass and I also mean it literally. A white lady, tikbalang, santelmo and even Darna was on the first book of TRESE. Hands down to Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, we should really support this brave souls for the only ammunition they’ve got is their talent and dream. When I was a kid, comics inspires me to read, to believe and to dream. I hope that a kid would pick this up and experience the same feeling that got me into reading.

You would definitely not be disappointed when you pick up a copy of TRESE, it would take you on a roller coaster ride. I had a BLAST! ^_^

Mga Tagpong Mukhang Ewan at kung anu-ano pang Kababalaghan

(A Tagalog Review of Mga Tagpong Mukhang Ewan at kung anu-ano pang Kababalaghan! )


Ang Kikomachine Komix ay compilation ng mga comic strips mula sa Philippine Daily Inquirer na likha ni Manix Abrera. Storya ito ng magkakaibigang estudyante sa UP. Minsan korny, minsan cheesy, may pagka-politikal din pero lahat ay maaring hango sa tunay na buhay. Payak ang pagkakalikha, pero makukuha mo na kaagad ang gustong ipahiwatig sa bawat frame. Mga simpleng senaryo tulad ng pagsakay sa jeep, pagkain ng isaw, pagrereview, peer pressure at iba pa na nilagyan ng katatawanan (o hindi, depende sa lalim o babaw mo. hehehehe). Nagrereflect ito sa pananaw ng mga pinoy sa buhay na minsan mahirap ngunit mas gugustuhin pang idaan na lang sa tawa ang mga bagay-bagay. Isa si Manix Abrera sa mga youngblood sa larangan ng comics na dapat bigyang pansin at pugay.

Sir Manix Abrera, mabuhay ka!

Rak en’ Rol!