Trese Book 4: Last Seen After Midnight

The long wait was over, TRESE 4: Last Seen After Midnight was launched October 08, 2011 at Bestsellers Robinson’s Galleria. I just got to say that THE WAIT WAS SO WORTH IT. I was sick but flu and headache wont stop me from grabbing a copy of my latest TRESE fix :P. Luck even gave me a poster of Trese (Bianca King poses as Alexandra Trese) because I so deserve it. Hahaha. Congrats to Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo for paving the way and being brave to follow their dreams even though the obstacle seemed to be insurmountable. Trese is now getting the attention it rightfully deserves. 🙂

Budjette and Kajo signing the poster that I've won during the raffle. SWEET!

 The book is divided into four cases. Each case is great on its own way, in art and story. Alexandra Trese shines brighter in all of the pages, nobody could ever surpass how badass this girl is. The entire story was well executed and the art was just amazing. Trese being black and white didn’t even hold it down but instead makes it more effective. My hands are itching to type spoilers just to tell how great this pinoy graphic novel is, but I wanted the readers to experience it same way I did. Just one thing though, “WANTED BED SPACER”, BEST CASE EVER! Well, on second thought I hope more great cases come along for Alexandra Trese. hehehe

I’m not that good with words but I hope all my blabbering here is enough for those who are not that into reading komiks to grab a copy. Graphic-fiction format way of storytelling might surprise you and you might even end up enjoying it. The story and the art are fantastic and I would really be saddened that someone didn’t read it because he/she is not into komiks. It’s your loss. 😛  

Not an Artist, not a Writer but a Reader . . .

“. . . Exploring our pasts will help us uncover the themes of our lives.” *

I remember way back elementary that I am so fond of those cartoons with characters having powers. They help to save earth from all those aliens and bad guys (i.e. Captain Planet). Then the Uncanny X-men animated series became a hit. One of my classmate (I can’t remember his name, sorry dude :P) told me that it was from a comics before they turned it to cartoons. That’s when I discover the world of comics. I started going to Filbar’s and other comic shops to browse and look at the cool pages of it (just to take a peak, too pricey). I was so sure that I’m gonna be one of those artists that draw this stuff. What a dreamer, right? Hahaha 😛

I was gonna submit this for the comic strip series I was planning in my head when I was in high school. (Geeky, right? hahaha)
This is the scariest villain I could think of way back high school, when I thought I could make it to the big league. But I ‘ve seen some of my classmates that could draw way better than me. I STOP DREAMING. hahaha
Things I used to draw (or copy, hehehe).

(I know I’ve posted all of it before. No new materials, sorry. I can’t find them. hahaha)

High School. That’s when I discover the beauty of prose, I think I was obsessed with writing first before becoming an addict reader. I’m an essay writer and a comic strip contributor of our school organ (well, I’m not really sure if I contributed anything, hahaha). Every writer reads. I am very sure of that. You have to love reading before you actually know that you wanted to write. I think that’s where it all started for me. I LOVE READING. Grabbing everything that I could read to further develop my writing skills (if I got one :P).

After graduating high school, life makes it a bit harder for me. It makes me forget about drawings and writings. The only thing that I could think of is finishing school and finding a good job after. But READING never left me. It became my escape whenever I wanted to forget something. I get lost in whatever it is I’m reading and I’m fine. I’m so out of it sometimes that I never know what’s happening around me because all I could think of are the characters and the situations they’re in at whatever I’m currently reading. Yes, I admit I became an addict reader and I’m proud. 😀

So, there goes the theme of my life: I’m not an artist, not a writer but I’m very PROUD of being a READER.  Hehehe 😛

*from Spanking Shakespeare by Jake Wizner

Intro: PinoyReaderCon’s Filipino Friday meme

One good thing about almost being late to everything is that people around you are tired of asking why. So, with that said, I’m now posting what I should have already posted for PinoyReaderCon’s intro to Filipino Friday meme. 😛

Books and comics are a part of my life since I was young. The only difference that I could think of between then and now is that I could now buy what I really wanted to read (well, as long as my budget allow it :P). I remember during high school and college, I would read whatever book I could get my hands on and comics was never an option (pricey stuff, I tell you. Even now,  whenever I’m purchasing a graphic novel I would hold it for about 20 mins. before deciding what the heck right? I like them comic books). But because of that, I think it broadens my choices of what to read. I’ve spent reading F. Sionil Jose’s Rosales Saga (Po-on, The Pretenders, My Brother, My Executioner, Mass and Tree) during my class breaks at my college library (nerd alert! hehehe). The authors that I like then are John Grisham, Mitch Albom and Anne Rice. Now, I prefer reading YA contemporary lit, sci-fi/fantasy and of course graphic novels. There are books from authors/artists that I would automatically pick-up and buy whenever I’m at a bookstore (I know every book lovers could definitely relate to that). Jim Butcher, Rick Riordan, Barry Lyga, Steve Feasey, Frank Portman, Michael Grant, John Green, Michael Scott, Michael Carroll, Brent Crawford, Brian Michael Bendis, Brian K. Vaughan, Geoff Johns, Francis Manapul, Budjette Tan and Paolo Fabregas are some of the names I look for whenever I’m at a bookstore or when I’m surfing the web to check if they got some new books/GN.

The book that I really like right now is Jordan Sonnenblick’s Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie. The book series that I’m currently following are Gone series (Michael Grant), The Secrets of Immortal Nicholas Flamel series (Michael Scott), The Lost Hero series (Rick Riordan), Runaways series (Brian K. Vaughan), Dresden Files series (Jim Butcher), Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Powers series (Brian Michael Bendis).

These are my online accounts: tumblr, wordpress, goodreads and twitter. That’s where you could contact me or whatever 😛

X-Men: First Class

I just got home from watching X-Men: First Class and let me just tell you, prepare your mind to be blown. The movie was a blast! I sincerely regret that I almost believe some of the people bad-mouthing the movie. If Professor X and Magneto are not enough reasons to watch it, Mystique and Beast could erase whatever reservations you got on not wanting to watch it.

Lines like “Mutant and Proud” and “I would do anything to be NORMAL” were dropped like bombs to be stuck on your head like it’s on repeat. That’s what I like about X-Men (comics and the movies) in general, it got me. Sure, it’s unrealistic, the powers and mutations on the story would distract you but the bottom line is it hits you where it matters. Everyone of us feels like an outsider sometimes. Different. But it doesn’t mean that it makes us less than those we perceive as someone better. Things might not be what you wanted but acceptance is the key.

The movie would explain (to those who are just watching this now and did not watch the cartoons or read the comics) why Charles and Erik became who they are, as Magneto and Professor-X . Why in so many ways they are the same in principles and beliefs (that men should know about mutants and mutants should use their powers)  but are still very different (powers should be use to aid men while the other’s for supremacy).

It would be a loss not to watch this movie if you’re a fan of X-Men and if you’re not, I think this is the best movie for a start.


Well, it has been a year now since I seriously consider myself as a bookworm. I would admit that my GR-TFG help spice it up with our sprinkled meet-ups all through out the year. Bookworm friends are the best. They would not let you fell out of the wagon and still push you to read more even though there’s no time left for your so-called-life. 😛 I have read a lot of graphic, contemporary, dystopian,  and sci-fi YA novels this year and I would like to share to them to you guys (assuming someone’s reading this damn thing :D). I hate long lists so I’ll just provide you with what I think best made a mark on me while reading . Here goes nothing . . .

There are 3 YA novels that made and define what I like to read now. They had become my basis, a sort of default category. If they are on the same level, genre or style of the 3 I would mention, I would definitely read it. I’m not saying that they are the best, but they are my choices.

1. Unwind

2. The Astonishing Adventure of  Fanboy and Goth Girl

3. Ender’s Game

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden – Wizard-for-hire. A private investigator and the only wizard that can be found in the phone book.  It has been 10 books (with more to come) and it is the longest series that I’m currently following. Never did Jim Butcher disappointed me with how he writes Harry. A very plausible character despite of it’s genre (fantasy). He was never afraid to harm his main character if it ‘s really needed in the story. I like the humor, the pain and even the flaws of Harry Dresden. It makes him more human, more real.


Katniss Everdeen –  The girl on fire. Main character of “The Hunger Games” trilogy. The best character building I’ve ever read. You would surely like her in the beginning. You would sympathize with her as you read her story. You would cry with her during and after the competition. And you would love her up to the end. She was a tough chick. You could never put her down because she would always rise up to any challenges given to her. The minor characters (Peeta & Gale) help developed Katniss character but you would definitely love her even without it. The love for her family (Mom & sister) or comrades (Rue) would surely melt your heart. A girl that does not need anyone to defend her but none the less vulnerable inside as she struggles deciding who would she love.



Edilio Escobar – A character created by Michael Grant on his Gone Series. He is the second-in-command to Sam Temple at the FAYZ.  An epitome of a great sidekick (on Gone and Hunger, I still have to read Lies :P). Loyal to Sam Temple, hardworking and always at Sam Temple’s side if needed. A sidekick should always makes the main character looks good, and that’s what Edilio had done. By being loyal to Sam, it makes the other kids respect Sam. A good follower and one of the respected kids in the FAYZ. He may not have any powers but he makes it up by being hardworking and a good leader.



Deena Pilgrim – She is the partner of Detective Christian Walker at the Homicide Department: Powers  Division. Her character in Powers is a petite women with a big attitude. Bendis created Deena as someone independent, sarcastic, sometimes crappy and also a little bit defensive in a workplace that is male-dominated. But that makes her partnership with Detective Walker more interesting.

That is my partial post for PINOYPETERPAN’S CHOICE 2010. 🙂

GR-TFG Bookworms 3rd Meet-up/X-mas Party

“More than good books, we’re a family here.”


True that. It was the quote on the back of the key chain given to us by one of our mods, Jzhun. It has been a blast seeing you all again. What a way to finish the year of TFG with a bang (I also mean it literally, almost all the restaurants that we raided almost throw us out because of the noise and chaos we created).

For quite a while now, Filipino group became active due to the efforts of both of our mods, KD and Jzhun. It all started when KD suggested for the group to meet, to put faces on the account names that we almost see everyday. After that, it all seemed like a meeting of kindred spirits. As I’ve said before, reading would be a lot better if you could share thoughts with someone.

It has been quite a while that I’ve seen the guys from TFG. I’ve been quite the lurker during the 4th quarter of the year due to personal reasons. But any doubts that they might not be as friendly towards me was gone to the window when the party started.

As I was getting on the bus on my way to Techno Hub, someone taps my shoulder. Aaron was there, and it felt like the party already started. We talked about books (as usual) that we’ve read on our way to the meeting place. As we enter Kanin Club, the faces of the guys already there beams at us with their smiling faces. The food was great, and we really appreciate it Kuya Doni. None of this would be possible if not for your effort (and also thanks for lending me the Elf Hat, I really like it. ^_^).

I’m kind of proud that our own Pinoy Henyo was much fun than the regular one. I think that’s when the waiter told us not to be so loud. lolz. I remember everyone almost shouting yes / no to help (or not) the guessing player. Then we headed to Starbucks for the book covering contest which by the way I didn’t join for the lack of talent needed to win the game. Every contestant almost seating at the floor not caring if it’s dirty, just plain having fun. Next game was Charade where our group (ehem!) wins. Fun, fun, fun. Everyone joined in, newbies vs the oldies but goodies (us). Nobody cares if they look like a fool or a person that just came out from an asylum. The aim here is to have fun.  The games ended but the fun never stops.  We ate dinner at Razon’s Restaurant where the waiter just can’t wait to throw us out. He makes some noise while he cleans reminding us that they would be closing any moment. Lastly, we went to Cafe Britton and continue chatting about everything under the sun with phone calls (on loudspeakers) for our members that didn’t make it or out of the country.

I thought that when I joined “The Filipino Group”, I would only be chatting through net to people who could help me find good books, instead what I found is group of people who are kindred spirits. FAMILY. Miss you all guys already. ^_^

NOTE: Thanks for the pics Tina.


One More Page


I’ve been looking for a copy of “Powers” by Brian Michael Bendis ever since I’ve read it on one of my favorite book, The Astonishing Advantures of Fanboy and Goth Girl” by Barry Lyga. I know that some of you can relate to me when I say that it is hard locating books even though there are 3 great bookstores (NBS, Powerbooks and Fully Booked) here in Philippines. Sometimes even though you did went to 3 malls with the 3 said bookstores above, you might still end up empty-handed. That’s when I decided to call the branches first before going to a bookstore. They will locate a copy for you in other branches if it’s not available to them. The transfer is free, and I just have to wait 3 -5 days for it. The only problem is if there’s not even one copy from all of their branches.

That is where Book Depository came into the picture. I was hesitant to try net based company from other country like because I’ve heard a lot of negative feedbacks from people who experienced it first hand. One reason that I didn’t try it is the time it would take for the goods to reach our country. Other says 1 month while I’ve heard of a case that it took almost 3 months. Another is taxes, after it was computed the amount of the product is 3 times its original price. One word: HASSLE. Then I came across a thread where book depository was mentioned. Thanks to chachic for letting me know about it.  I was still hesitant to try it though. Some of my GR friends have tried buying through book depository and confirmed to me that they really do deliver books for free to the Philippines.

With the push from my trusted friends, I made my first transaction with book depository.

I’ve purchased the following Graphic Novels & a book:

          Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl? (Volume 1)

                           Status: Received


          Powers: Roleplay (Volume 2)

                          Status: Received


          The Child Thief

                          Status: Received


Here’s how you go about it:

1. I would recommend you to creat an account if ever you plan to continuously transact with Book Depository.

2. Almost all of net company uses credit card, simply fill-up a page there with your credit card details for the mode of payment. This is where you put the address, where you want your books to be delivered.

3. After making your own account & supplied the necessary card details for the payment. You could now browse for the books you want to buy.

4. If you did find the books you want to buy, just click on the add to basket icon.

5. When your done, click the checkout icon. It would confirm if you wanted to use the card and details you’ve supplemented to them, click Yes.

6. Book depository would send you an email. The Order Confirmation would inform you of the purchases you’ve made, total amount of the books and a Order Number. With the Order Number, you could trace the progress of your order.

7. Wait for 6-1o days and the order would arrive at your doorstep.

There you go. No more hard-to-find books. I hope that my post may somehow help you. ^_^