Reading Buddies: A Monster Calls (Part 1)

Ok, I’m late again on posting my stuff, as usual. This should have been posted a week ago. Sorry guys. 😛 

Here are the questions and my answers:

1. “You’re a good boy,” Conor’s mother tells him. “I wish you didn’t have to be quite so good.” (p. 17) What do you think she means by that?

I think it means that the mom felt guilty. Conor was doing everything for her instead of the other way around. I remember when I was still young, I asked my mom why she does the simple things like folding my shirts, keeping my closet organized and cleaning up things for me when I could do it on my own. She told me that it makes her feel happy when she does these things for me. She said that she likes taking care of me. In Conor’s case, her mom can’t do that because of the cancer. Instead of Conor being a regular kid, he tries to take care of his mom by not disturbing her when she is resting. Because of that, she might feel like she’s taking away Conor’s youth. I hope I’m making sense. :))

2. Lily was once Conor’s closest friend but now he can’t forgive her. Why? Is he right to feel betrayed?

Lily might be Conor’s closest friend before but many things happened and some of it he wants to keep to himself. I don’t think it’s betrayal that Conor felt. He just wants to be left alone to think things through. I just hope that Lily would be there when the time comes that he needed someone to be there.

3. The monster talked about 4 stories, 3 from him and one from Conor. The one from Conor should be the truth. What do you think is this truth? (Feel free to speculate 😀 To those who’ve read this already, you can write what you first thought this truth was.)

I think that the fourth story that the monster wants to hear from Conor is when he loses his mom. He can’t admit it right now, like when his grandma told him that he would soon have to live with her. He won’t accept it. He wants her grandma gone because he knows that the both of them are ok on their own, he and his mum.  So, the monster wants the story and it would be the truth. No denial, he has to accept that his mom would die and that’s the truth the monster is looking for.

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